Beginner’s Course

If you are looking for the institute to polish your English speaking skills then Join Smart English Lab academy to get the best results.  Smart English Lab Academy is rated as the best coaching institute for Spoken English in Chandigarh and other major cities of India. What makes us the best is that we make the candidate ready for professional interactions. We are committed and dedicated towards our candidates to provide them with the best ambiance and conducive environment for learning. Our course material is as per the requirements of the industry. Smart English Lab academy has built a name in providing the Best preparation classes for spoken English.

Best attraction of Smart English Lab academy for spoken English is that our expert team designs the modules as per the level of the student after their counseling. Smart English Lab’s team has created 7 universal techniques through which one can improve his/her  English language flow in short span of time.


These days to survive in a competitive world English speaking is as necessary as your education and certificates are. English is not only necessary in a work environment, in fact it is also required on academics level, as all the professional courses have made English speaking abilities a necessity and want good interactive students. Even in your daily life, English speaking has become a necessity, as you don’t want to feel low or inferior to anyone and thus we are providing you with such course which enables people to overcome their lack of confidence and complexes and enter the world of Globalization.

This course helps you to learn in phases. You can achieve such level of English, where you can enter in Smart English Lab’s B-Course i.e. Smart English General course


Candidates who are a novice in the field of learning English language and want to start learning from grass root and aspire to learn the tits & bits of English language.


  • HAM Sessions.
  • JAM Sessions
  • Verbs and sentences
  • Specific vocabulary & synonyms  enrichment
  • Basic vocabulary
  • LRWS worksheets based on AVK
  •  Grammar
  • Tense based exercises
  • Language games


  • Working on listening.
  • Tense based listening.
  • Training through certified “Expert” trainer.
  • A real systematic path through daily Itineraries.
  • Basic 6 books kit  for learning 
  • Copyrighted techniques in 164 countries.
  • After course, a certificate will be provided by an ISO certified company.
  • Software for Voice and accent
  • Tense chart

Duration: 2 months

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