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Smart English Lab – National Level Brand in IELTS & Spoken English

Smart English Lab is working on the vision to develop India by enhancing the skills of youth to make them corporate ready and encash the job opportunities. Smart English Lab is running IELTS preparation, Spoken English centers through its academy partners in Chandigarh, Punjab, Delhi NCR, Gujrat etc. In today’s competitive world Smart English Lab is focusing not on enhancing the communication skills of the youth but also targeting to train the individuals for communication skills  and make them employable. Smart English Lab has their training centers nationwide and are working on a vision of developing SKILL INDIA with their excellence and commitment.

Smart English Lab in Chandigarh is a premier training institute, and centre for excellence in the field of Spoken English, IELTS with its academy partners. Smart English Lab has become the first choice of the students due to their quality services and training they impart to the student to make them ready to move in their respective career lines. Student’s victories has made Smart English Lab feel proud and ahead of other coaching Institutes for IELTS in Chandigarh , Punjab,Gujrat, Delhi and other region of India.

Best Destination for Career Building in Chandigarh

Smart English Lab is the National Leader in Chandigarh for Training and inculcating the communication and skills necessary for the students for employment in this competitive world. 

Smart English academy is foc­used toward fulfilling the needs of society by providing special courses including IELTS, Spoken English, Business writing and polishing classes etc. to make them corporate ready. The main attraction of Smart English Lab and its partner academy is the strategies, tools, universal techniques that are provided for learning the special skills. Our Experienced faculty and staff with years of experience guide the best to the students and also provide them with career counseling. In the IELTS preparation, we keep small batches with a teacher-student ratio 6/1.

Vision and Mission

“Our vision” is to improve the personal performance of the upcoming leaders by delivering a value-based curriculum, pride and passion to instill an ethical work culture for social improvement.

“Our mission” is to develop human resources; to hone their intellectual, physical and academic skills as well as the professional and technological expertise to discover and disseminate knowledge; to extend knowledge and apply the knowledge to serve society coupled with a sense of purpose.

7 Tools of  Smart English Lab to get 7+ band score in IELTS

1. Gap analysis GA test to check the exact gap.
2. Faculty Experienced & Certified faculty.
3. Course material Base building material to fill the gap.
4.  Techniques Audiovisual Universally accepted techniques. 
5. Monitoring   Monitoring of improvement through worksheets.
6. Special class Daily gap filling classes after LRWS.
7. Trusted brand A national level trusted brand. 

Over the past years, the aspirants who have got training from us are now working in top profiles and making a good earning. We are focusing to provide  Best IELTS & Spoken English  in Chandigarh, Punjab, Gujrat, Delhi & other regions Of India.

Why Choose Us
  • India level brand
  • Experience over 20 years in this field.
  • Tested product by many Partners Nation Wide.
  • Universal Training Techniques By Copyrighted in 164 Countries.
  • Huge record of Successful candidates who have cleared IELTS exam in the first attempt. 

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